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ChenilleMacrabre Works:





"Buenas nagas. I'm The Gil-Monster- a dark artist and game designer who- ever since he was four- takes everything wholesome and pure about chenille stems (a.k.a. "pipecleaners") and perverts them into bloodied serial killers and unspeakable horrors!

At the Chenille Macabre Etsy store, you'll find original, hand-made figures and miniatures; each one built from scratch. The bodies of the creatures are completely chenille stem and pipecleaner, with acrylic paint and additional materials as accents. Almost all figures are built to turn at the waist, shoulders, elbows and neck to allow for simple poses. (You can even pose their fingers!) All monsters are priced by both size and length of time to complete, and each one bears my signature.

All proceeds go to the production of my patented invention AMPUTHEATRE: The World's Goriest Board Game. Check out the site for meets and more artwork!

In the meantime, keep art dangerous!"



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