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Welcome to our Art Exhibition. This months theme is  Historical Dead ! Simply Click the image to go to the Item listing!


Virgin Mary Choker By AbyssalGems

Vlad Dracula Coin Bracelet


day of the dead - dia de los muertos Janis Joplin skull print  by NatashaBlue

Gothic Victorian Filigree Framed The Crow Brandon Lee Pendant by AgonysDecay

Meet Me at the Hanging Tree by WingsOfSin

Tarot Card Necklace Death by HandmadeHorrors

Dia de los muertos Frida Kahlo calaveras pocket mirror by NatashaBlue

Gothic Nosferatu Vampire Horror Pendant by AgonysDecay

Mona Lisa Choker by AbyssalGems

Handmade Horrors Bride Of Frankabilly Necklace by HandmadeHorrors

Dia de los Muertos Mary Magdalene Sugar Skull Print by NatashaBlue

Nosferatu In Shadows Gothic Horror Vampire Ring by AgonysDecay


Bela Lugosi Necklace by AbyssalGems

Black and White Flapper Lady Button Post Earrings by BellaLili

Planterbox by SMACART

Agnes Brooch by perfidicusbeadworks


Mad Doctor's Love Token by perfidicusbeadworks