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GraveWorld Works:




Greetings Curious One!

Ready thyself...

Many of you have never seen creatures such as these before. Some of you have fled from them. Fewer still have fought against them toe to claw and survived.

We of GRAVE WORLD'S slayers present them here for you now, in our FANTASTIC MENAGERIE!

For your astonishment and pleasure, we have rendered these beasts safely preserved by taxidermy sciences and magics in the endeavor to capture their very essence.

Let me assure you that the more benign beasts met their demise naturally and that the more vicious and evil were dispatched by my company's swordarm or traps. Many by my own hand, though that may come as a surprise to some, tis fact, for we are studied in their various natures well.

So come closer friends, they will not bite (unless you poke them overmuch) and enjoy the wonderment I present to you as...



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