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spookykelly Works:



SpookyKelly aka industrialgrrl

Spooky Kelly is an online 'BOO-tique' offering one of a kind reconstructed
t-shirts, unique patches and bags, and much more!

My name is Kelly Del Greco. I design the items, create the patterns, and sew
each item carefully. I have both a professional sewing machine and a serger.
I am always looking for the perfect fabric and I spend a great deal of time
in thrift stores and bargain bins looking for cool t-shirts to reconstruct.

In the winter of 2007, I began reconstructing t-shirts when I unearthed a
pile of my old favorite t-shirts from growing up. I knew that I wanted to
bring the old clothing back to life with a new twist. Also, I wanted to
create something fitted and fancy, not baggy and boring. I am always proud
to wear what I make, you can often find me showing off some of my personal
collection of reconstructed shirts at shows and bars around the Pittsburgh



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