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HandmadeHorrors Works:




My shop is mostly jewelry, all of which is handmade. By handmade I don't mean that I buy all the pieces and assemble them. I have a unique process where each piece is made out of paper...yes, paper! Cardstock layered 4-6 times and dipped in UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel, or embossing powder for you scrap bookers). It's a process I have come up with myself and took 2 years to perfect. The pieces are quite durable despite the fact that they are made out of paper. The UTEE gives each piece a shiny, almost glassy look and adds to the durability.
I am currently working on bath and body products for us "dark" girls who are tired of the usual frilly stuff and flowered scents. With bath salts like "Aliens Blood" "Blood Bathory" and "Cemetery Dirt" I hope to bring darkness to your bathrooms as well as your jewelry boxes!











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